A Septuagenarian Writer

….my relationship with myself is the crucial beginning of all my art.

Journal entry, March 1986

Book Love

“The essence of a book does not change with its form. However, the experience does.” According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a book is a written text that can be published in printed or electronic form. But which format, printed or electronic, gives greater reader satisfaction? Outside, a blizzard seethes. Frozen pellets smash against window panes.… Continue reading Book Love

Reflections on Aging

I’m glad my head is not as big as it looks in a magnifying mirror. I Am Not Old I am not old…she saidI am rare.I am the standing ovationAt the end of the play.I am the retrospectiveOf my life as artI am the hoursConnected like dotsInto good senseI am the fullnessOf existing.You think I… Continue reading Reflections on Aging

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