The Story Behind My Blog

First, thank you to everyone who read my first post and to those who took the time to share personal insights, support my endeavours and share the blog with friends. My heart is happy.

Here is the back story to the blog.

In early September 2015, just three weeks before her 98th birthday, my mother died. I am still surprised by the hugeness of my missing her. Even so, her death allowed me to do something that had been incubating for several years–write about my life. I had tried before, in 1994. The book that resulted was dreadful; it met an early demise. I came to realize that I could not write about my young life while Mom lived. Now was the time.

I signed up for a writing course. Over the next few months the “container” for the story emerged. It would be a “journey to a name”, the story of how a baby named Geraldine evolved into a woman called Prairie.

The going was so slow that I enrolled in another writing course in the spring of 2017.

At my request, the instructor read the opening few chapters of my memoir. After calling the writing “punchy”, she asked, “Is there more?” Magical words to a fledgling writer! Not yet– but there would be.

That fall, I joined a writers’ group. My hands trembled as I read to the members the first time. The astute observations and the genuine encouragement that followed erased my reservations and propelled the work forward.

A little more than a year later, in mid-January 2019, I finished the book. I encased a hard copy in a purple folder, then buried the folder at the bottom of a desk drawer. I will know when it is time to make it public.

I became restless. Stories bubbled up. I committed their details to paper. Each month I would read one to the writers’ group. At our most recent meeting, I wondered about sharing them via a blog. Yes! And so it began.

I have eight finished pieces. My plan is to post one each Sunday for the next two months. In fact, I considered calling my blog “Two Months of Sundays”. But, the memories and their stories continue to emerge. I have the skeletons for several. I’ll see how things progress. In the interim, I hope you continue to read my posts and find something in them that resonates for you.

Coming this Sunday “Creamed-Shrimp-On-Toast–the Magic of Memory”.

Thank you again.



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