WordPress Woes

This is not my Sunday “Story” blog. This is a written rant. Had I any idea how to make WordPress audible I would rant out loud.

Yesterday evening, unhappy with the appearance of my blog cover, I decided to update it. As a retired art teacher, the vapid pink and mauve abstract mountains that WP provided lacked visual presence. I, a mere two-week-old blogger, searched in vain for the icon to edit the image. In frustration I clicked on “trash”. Mistake. An impulsive, foolish, irreversible mistake. Now, there was no page at all.

After a considerable time I managed to upload one of my own photos to what I thought was my home page. But, instead of the vivid, saturated colours, the same insipid pastels appeared. FaceBook doesn’t do that. I located a tool to intensify hues. It worked. Next, I over-printed text then previewed the results. WP had moved the writing! Why did it not stay centred? (Canadian spelling–no squiggly red underling please.)

I ignored that problem and proceeded to experiment with different fonts. As the title of my blog is “Writing My Life”, I wanted the text to resemble cursive writing–the fluid, joined-up kind that people my age learned in elementary school. Does WP offer such a style? None that I could discover. So, I played with a few of WP’s offerings until I was almost satisfied. As it was growing late, I clicked on “publish”, checked my site and discovered–nothing! No cover at all. Just my three blogs. I wasn’t fond of their format either but planned to deal with that dissatisfaction another time.

At 11:30 PM I conceded WP’s computer superiority and went to bed. Sleep eluded me. When it did come, WordPress nightmares assaulted me until morning. “Onychophagia”, a story about hands and self-worth, is scheduled to appear tomorrow. I trust that it will. Whether or not there will be a cover page is yet to be determined.

Perhaps WordPress ought to develop tools for old bloggers, or even semi-old ones–those who, like me, met their first computer as adults and not as preschoolers. Also, it would be appreciated if those tools had names that did not require the translation services of a geek.

Enjoy you Saturday. I’ll spend my day wrestling with WordPress. That’s okay. Another winter storm approaches.



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